Our Story

The thought behind Baby Bert was born through a trip to Cambodia to work in the prevention of human trafficking in 2012.

 At Baby Bert, we want to bring our customers beautiful products all of which have a story to tell.  We want to inspire our customers to make informed purchases and to see more than a pretty product. 

We have set out to find suppliers who are as passionate about the design, the product and the process as we are.  
Our suppliers are all unique in what they do: some of the products are eco-friendly, handmade or organic; suppliers produce goods ethically by providing employment for women, reinvesting in their communities for self-sustainability, manufacturing responsibly or producing from recycled or reused materials.
We want to know the hands who make and design the products we grow to love so well!
The background of our name is also so important to us!
Bert is after two very important and influential people in my life who are both sadly no longer with us, my Uncle Bertie and Granda Albert, who always supported and encouraged me in everything I did and it is so lovely to have a reminder of them both.
We celebrate the individuality of each little one who shops with us at Baby Bert and are excited about inviting each of you to be a part of our family!
Each year we will donate a percentage of our profits to an organisation which works to improve the future of our little ones - pop over to our Little Givers page to find out more about this.
Thank you for your support and we hope you have a great experience with us!